Contact us to request your original pencil or oil on canvas masterpiece, of your favorite saint today!

              ariola, has been inspired to teach the world about the glorious lives of the saints. Through the medium of fine art, Mariola gives us the gift that keeps on giving. Her ability to capture the saints with such clarity and beauty from rare to historical moments, captivates us bringing them to life. These unique and yet surreal pieces of art are priceless to be rest assured, but you can own your very own portrait of your favorite saint today at a very reasonable price. This is of course, due to the fact that Mariola's primary intent is not to profit monetarily from the saints, as it is to immortalize them, for the great sacrifices they have made for God and their fellow man. Hopefully many lives will continue to be blessed and forever changed for the better, as they are inspired by God's chosen vessels of honor, the saints.


      "Let the people declare the wisdom of the saints and the church proclaim their praises: their names shall live forever" Siroch 44:14-15